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Information from our National Event – September 20, 2014 New York City

Meet, Plan, Go’s 2014 National Event in New York City is now complete and was a rousing success for all who attended.

During the time between national events, we host smaller, city-specific meet-ups around the country. The best way to stay informed with these meet-ups is to sign up for our newsletter and check out our upcoming events page.

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If you are tired of two weeks of vacation time

and want to break away from the cube to explore the world,

we will teach you how.


What is this about?

Overcome your Career Break fear
Meet others face to face, planning their Career Break like you
Access to Experts who have done Career Breaks, and coach others.

Why Attend?

You are considering a Career Break or Sabbatical for you and/or your family
You want to meet others that are planning a Career Break as well
You want access to experts

At Meet, Plan, Go! We Want A Career Break on Every Resume

This day of learning and bonding is for those who are serious about taking a break. We want the people who attend the event to GO! We believe so strongly in the value of long-term travel and Career Breaks in people’s lives. If you book, come to the event, and if you don’t not feel that it was worth it after the event is over, we will refund 100% of your ticket fee (Including the part that Eventbrite takes!)

Time Is The New Money

You can spend hours digging through the Internet to get your answers on how to plan your career break. Do you have time to spend hours on research and finding trusted resources?

You need resources you can trust and actually talk to face to face.


“The entire group at MPG made a career break sound so much more realistic and possible than just reading about other people’s experiences.” –NYC Attendee

Feeling Crazy?

Often the biggest hurdles people face when they are contemplating or planning a traveling career break is that they feel alone and crazy for following their dreams.

You will meet like-minded people with your same dream.

“We are two months into our RTW trip, currently in NZ. After we ‘hatched’ the idea of our journey, I searched the internet for other people as crazy as us; I found Meet, Plan, Go. Finding your site #1) Made me realize we weren’t completely loco and #2) Helped tremendously in the planning process. And….here we are, actually doing it!!” -JetSettingFools


Event Format

You will meet and learn from individuals who have fulfilled their own dreams of escaping their cube and traveling around the world. Their real-life career break stories include the unique challenges that all long-term travelers must overcome in order to break free. They will not only provide you with inspiration, but also tips on how they did it, travel planning resources, and answers to your questions.

This full day event will provide you with ample time to get your planning questions answered personally, and more importantly build relationships with others with your similar career break travel goals. There will be presentations and experts there to discuss

  • Getting over your fears
  • Planning your break (budgeting, itinerary, volunteering, insurance, packing, working on the road, getting local, lodging, airfare, and more)
  • How to market your travels into your job search when you return

Plus, in our break out groups you will be able to talk to travel experts and walk away with resources on specific areas of travel planning, travel modes, and travel options.

Meet our Speakers:

Rolf Potts – Author and Long Term Travel Expert

Sherry Ott – Meet Plan Go Co-Founder

Rainer Jenss – Family Travel

Katie Aune – Solo Travel


Jane Stanfield – Volunteer Travel

Lisa Lubin
Long term Travel

Tamara Lee – Career Break Travel


Anne & Mike Howard Couple Travel

Get to know our speakers and their career break backgrounds here.

More speakers announced soon!

Space is limited to only 150, so reserve your spot today and spend a weekend in New York City!


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