What to do – Make it Resume Worthy

Choose your itinerary with some thought about coming back to the workforce. All of these ideas can be highlighted on a resume or in an interview with a little creative forethought. Travel can be about building skill sets and soft skills which are valued in the workplace.

  • Include volunteering that compliments your skill sets or has you test out new skill sets.
  • Learn how to blog
  • Sign up for and learn how to utilize social networks like Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Improve a skill such as a foreign language, photography, business through microfinancing, sailing, or cooking.
  • Get certified! Dive certification, ESL teaching certification, or Yoga certification.
  • Include some countries on your itinerary based on cultures you interact with in the workplace currently. For example, does your company manufacture something in China, or do you outsource resources from India? Then these could be great cultures to explore and learn more about on your career break.



Why should you consider volunteering as part of your career break travels? Not only does it look good on your resume, but Lillie Marshall shares her experiences on why she volunteered as part of her career break.

But what if you don’t want to volunteer and teach English?  No problem, there are a number of other ways that you can volunteer and use your skills – volunteering isn’t just teaching English.   The organization, Do Good As You Go aims to utilize your existing skill sets and professional background to volunteer in areas of need.


Sometimes the hardest thing to deal with is when you feel let down by your volunteering experience.  It’s important to set your expectations before you begin your volunteering – else you may end up pretty disappointed.

JoAnna Haugen worked for the Peace Corps in Kenya and shares how to set realistic expectations when you are planning to volunteer.


Randy LeGrant talks about GeoVisions volunteer programs, a unique opportunity to do cultural exchange and give back. GeoVisions has a number of programs around the world that will have you delving into the local culture.

Listen to this Audio Interview with Randy – 14 minutes

To see just how deep you can go culturally, you can read Sherry Ott’s Volunteer Chronicles from the Middle East, where she spent the winter living with locals through GeoVisions.


Free volunteering opportunities – yes they really do exist!

>>How to choose an International Volunteering Program

>>Preparing to Leave as an International Volunteer 

>>Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook by Shannon O’Donnell


Lisa Lubin talks about why and where she found random jobs around the world

>>How you can Find Work on the Road


Teaching ESL allows you to connect with the local community in a way that is much different than being just a traveler. You are also able to make money for your travels while giving back, and you truly get to experience life as a local.  In addition, it provides a perfect vehicle for the international travel that you seek. For example, as an English teacher in Czech Republic such great destinations as Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Poland will be within easy reach. Or consider teaching in Vietnam, and you could easily find yourself taking holidays in China, Thailand, or perhaps among the entrancing ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

>>Where to Begin – How to Pursue Teaching ESL

>>Teaching English as a Resume Booster


>>Guide to taking classes or learning new skills on your trip

>>The How-to’s of WOOFING

>>Long Term Travel As Education


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