If you are looking to change careers, need a rejuvenating break from your current job or want to reexamine your life goals, a career break trip can help you find the answers you are looking for. Planning such a break can be quite overwhelming to someone not used to the concept.

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Meet, Plan, Go has teamed up with the BootsnAll Travel Network to offer this free 30-day program to teach you how to plan such a big trip, with topics such as staying motivated, negotiating a sabbatical or time away, Multi-stop vs. buy as you go airfare planning, determining a budget, finding the right insurance for your needs, deciding on a meaningful itinerary, and how to find a job when you return (plus many more!). You’ll also receive an extensive Career Break planning checklist to help you stay organized and on track.

Why Sign Up?

EXPERT ADVICE – We cover a wide variety of topics that are important to any career breaker, including resources and tips for your home, career, and the trip itself. We’ve partnered with, a leader in independent travel advice and RTW/multi-stop airfare itineraries – to bring you the best independent long term travel planning and advice possible.   In addition, we’ve tapped into some of the best experts in their fields to help you as well – including career break veterans who are eager to share their experiences.

SAVE TIME – The internet is filled with travel advice but sorting through it all takes time. Career Break 30 will help you cut through all of the internet noise and simply have the basics of what you need to know specifically about planning Career Break Travel delivered right to your inbox.

IT’S FREE – This course is absolutely free! – What do you have to lose?

How Does It Work?

-Every day, you’ll get a new email from a Meet Plan Go or Bootsnall team member that focuses on one aspect of trip planning.
-Each email will have a summary at the very top of the three steps to take each day.
-Each email will link to a longer, more in depth article or resource to explore.
-Each email includes an ‘action step’ — complete them all and you’ll be ready to hit the road sooner than you think!
-We will introduce you to a fellow long-term traveler each day – that traveler could be a veteran, currently on the road, or planning just like you.
-You’ll have access to the BootsnAll Google+ community to keep in touch over the next month – use it to meet other people in the program or get that extra kick in the pants.

Even though this campaign is taking place over the course of 30 days, we realize that most people don’t plan their trips in that short a time period. We also realize that everyone who signs up is in a different place in the planning process, so some days might be more helpful than others, depending on your particular situation.

It’s FREE!

Start receiving a new planning lesson every day. Simply enter your name and email on either signup box on this page, and you’ll be on the road before you know it!

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