Local Meetups

Local Meetups

Out of all the feedback we received after our national event, the comment that stood out the most was that you wanted to meet more often. We heard you loud and clear so we are going to be hosting more casual meetups in 2012.

No matter what stage you are in your career break – from just dreaming to having already returned – you will find great support and camaraderie with this like-minded community.

We have also designed the meetup discussions around your many career break concerns and interests like finances (saving/budgeting), career-related (quitting/finding a job), and what to do (volunteering/working on the road).

Click on the highlighted dates in the calendar to the right to see what events are currently scheduled. Or visit a full listing of all our local meetups.

Why Are Meetups Important?

– They create excitement around the idea of career breaks and extended travel.

– They provide an outlet for people to talk about their travel dreams and plans, as well as ask questions.

– You are more likely to achieve your career break travel goals by meeting regularly with people who have similar interests and goals.

– For returned career breakers, they offer you an outlet to share your experiences & expertise, which also helps with the re-entry process.

It’s always more fun to connect in person!

Apply to Be Host

Are you interested in hosting a local Meet, Plan, Go! meetup in your city?

We currently have hosts in Boston, Chicago, NYC, Northern Jersey, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle and would love to expand our network to your city. Whether you are an experienced career breaker or in the planning stages, we’d love to have you help build our community.

Learn More About Hosting a Local Meet, Plan, Go! Meetup

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