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Create your own itinerary and get a quote on an around the world ticket

Our Friends at BootsnAll have released a product  (January 2013) that makes it much easier to plan and book and Around the World Ticket.  We have never seen a tool that can instantly price and book online, all within a few minutes.  And of course, BootsnAll’s community of independent minded travelers and career breakers are there along the way to help.

Here is a sample route:

If you want an Agent’s help along the way, try our friends at AirTreks by using the Trip Planner to create your own customized Multi-Stop International trip and get an instant estimate. Or, simply build an itinerary just the way you want and submit it to AirTreks airfare experts for a quote.

AirTreks Trip Planner

AirTreks makes it easy and affordable to do more and go further when you travel around the world. Their super-powered Web tools give you the ability to create your own custom Multi-Stop International trip — just the way you want. Then they give you access to the best prices — often for little more than an international round-trip ticket would cost. And they help you every step of the way, with the best information and a staff of international travel experts.

How do they do it?
AirTreks is a powerful information service enabled by the Internet and the Information Age. International flight segments are priced differently for different markets. Airtreks has established a global network of hundreds of suppliers all over the world. We scour the globe looking for the best prices on flights and segments between hundreds of destinations. Then we pass the savings on to you.

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