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Asia: Continent of Smiles. An exotic, eclectic landscape, filled with timeless wonders, infinite spiritual beauty and the most heartwarming hospitality on the planet. A place so magical, it explodes like a sky full of fireworks every day of the year. Welcome to Asia.

South-East Asia
Ageless and elegant, sleek and cheeky, this remarkable region will stir your imagination and soothe your soul. With a mix of old-world wisdom and youthful exuberance, South-East Asia is the place to go to meet modern enigmas, rub shoulders with ancient spirits and find a lightness of heart that the rest of the world has yet to discover.

Explore Adventures in: Borneo | Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand

As one of Asia’s most flamboyant regions, Indochina is a dazzling blend of culture and cuisine, filled with the remnants of ancient endeavours and a wealth of enthralling stories. Senses will be engulfed by colors that are brighter than bright, heavenly aromas that dance along lantern-lit streets and vistas so magical they will leave you breathless.

Explore Adventures in: Cambodia | Laos | Thailand | Vietnam

North Asia
An evocative region of once-powerful kingdoms, rich cultures and thriving urban landscapes – North Asia bursts with character, spirituality and incredible natural beauty.

Explore Adventures in: China | Japan | Mongolia | South Korea

South Asia | Indian sub-continent
Full of lavish scenery, colorful characters and mystical romance – the Indian subcontinent is scripted as though it were a Bollywood film. Featuring an all-star cast of sunny beaches, Himalayan heights and quirky cities, this is a highlights reel of Asia’s most memorable scenes.

Explore Adventures in: Bhutan | India | Nepal | Sri Lanka

Middle East & North Africa

Pyramids and pharaohs, Bedouin and bazaars, spices and seascapes – an adventure in this corner of the globe is bound to excite and inspire.

Explore Adventures in Egypt | Iran | Israel | Jordan | Lebanon | Morocco | Syria | Turkey


Africa: Continent of Contrasts. This is the land where nature parades her finest wares at every opportunity. Where wildlife and warriors cohabit the sprawling savannas, arid desert sits side-by-side lush jungle, and ancient tradition is very much part of today. Welcome to Africa.

East Africa
From the stampeding wildebeest of the Serengeti to the lapping waves at Lamu, East Africa serves up a wealth of different experiences and unforgettable landscapes. Trek through rainforests to catch a glimpse of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas, meet majestic Massai warriors and learn about their ancient tribal traditions, and discover the exotic Indian Ocean paradise of tropical Zanzibar. This is Africa at its finest.

Explore Adventures in: Kenya | Malawi | Rwanda | Tanzania | Uganda

Southern Africa
From the cascading torrent of Victoria Falls, to the arid sands of Sossusvlei, all the contrasts of Africa are nestled together at the tip of this iconic expanse. Southern Africa promises breathtaking landscapes and a diversity that few destinations can compete with.

Explore Adventures in: Botswana | Lesotho | Madagascar | Namibia | South Africa | Zimbabwe

West Africa
West Africa is brimming with a vibrant music scene, mystical voodoo traditions and remote, stunning landscapes. This is Africa at its most raw – comparatively undiluted by tourism and a million miles away from the well-beaten track.

Explore Adventures in: Benin | Burkina Faso | Cameroon | Ghana | Mali | Morocco | Nigeria | Senegal | Togo

Latin America

South America
Sultry cities, steamy jungles and sizzling beats, this hip-swaying continent will scoop you up into its bronzed embrace and give you no choice but to move in time to its relentless rhythm. From the tango halls of Buenos Aires to the smokin’ samba in Rio – let South America seduce you.

Explore Adventures in: Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Easter Island | Galapagos Islands | Patagonia | Peru

Central America
Notorious revolutionaries, jungle-tangled ruins and rum-infused renegades; this palm-studded stretch between the Americas has long been the haunt of rugged adventurers. With the whiff of fragrant cigars and the enticing cha-cha-cha rhythms, why not sip on a mojito and join them?

Explore Adventures in: Belize | Costa Rica | Cuba | Guatemala | Mexico | Panama

Australia & New Zealand

From ancient desert domes to vine-covered valleys; from flaming red sunsets to boundless blue skies – visit Australia and discover a country with a heart even bigger than its infinite Outback. Come and experience the diversity, abundance and magic of this vast and captivating nation, and be charmed by some of the friendliest folk around.

Explore Adventures in Australia

New Zealand
This is the country that broke the mold. Soaring mountains punctuated by snow-caped peaks; immense lakes that blend seamlessly into the sky and a charismatic population who are genuinely glad to see you – there really is no place on earth quite like it. Experience this stunning corner of the Antipodes and be spoiled by landscapes so epic, you’ll have to rub your eyes to believe it. New Zealand – it’s the little country of big wonders.

Explore Adventures in New Zealand


Central & Western Europe
Carving a path from spicy, sultry Morocco to the glistening fjords of Finland, this region is where old and new meet in a glorious collision of culture, charisma and scenery. Travelers have lavished their praises upon the heart of Europe for centuries – let us show you why.
Explore Adventures in: France | Iceland | Spain

Eastern Europe & Rail Journeys
Cosmopolitan flair, natural good looks and emboldened landscapes all set within a sea of antiquity. Say hello to Europe with bite.

Explore Adventures in: Croatia | Georgia | Russia | Turkey

Mediterranean Europe
The Mediterranean is Europe’s show stopper. A place where every color takes on a more vibrant hue – blue skies are bluer, sands more golden and fresh vine-plucked tomatoes are redder than red. It’s that place you immediately conjure at the mere mention of the word ‘holiday’. Experience the magic of the Mediterranean and find your new happy place.

Explore Adventures in: Greece | Italy


Vast, remote and extreme; nothing compares to the wonder of Antarctica. Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth.

See multiple species of playful penguins, the imposing and graceful frames of Antarctica’s whales, and a frenzy of feeding birdlife. Benefit from the navigational expertise and local knowledge of a professional crew and make the most of of a once in a lifetime experience.

Explore Adventures in Antarctica

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