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Career Break Boot Camp

What exactly do you need to make your travel and career break dreams come true?

With Meet, Plan, Go Career Break Boot Camp, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and we’ve packed it all:
1. Inspiration, 2. Structure, and 3. Community

The MPG Career Break Boot Camp is an online course and social learning platform where people with the dreams of taking a career break or sabbatical to do extended travel can come together in a community learning environment. Designed by certified travel coach Tara Russell and career break travel gurus Michaela Potter and Sherry Ott, the course will provide you with inspiration, structure, community, resources, tools and motivation.

By the time you’re done with MPG Career Break Boot Camp we’ll have taken your excuses, self-imposed limitations and perceived obstacles off the table.  You’ll have replaced “Oh, I wish I could do something like that, but…” and “Maybe someday…” with a renewed sense of commitment and a departure date circled in your calendar!  You will be empowered in your thinking, in touch with what you really want from your time off and equipped with the tools and resources you need to make your travel dreams a reality.

Still thinking “I wish I could do something like that?” YOU CAN!

    What you can expect from Career Break Boot Camp:

  • An 8-week course and seminar series specially designed by Life Sabbatical & Long-term Travel Coach Tara Russell of Three Month Visa Coaching and Consulting and career break gurus Michaela Potter and Sherry Ott of Briefcase to Backpack.
  • Weekly lessons (delivered online every Sunday), each of which will have a defined objective and touch on such key concepts for travel preparation such as finding inspiration, overcoming mental hurdles, saving & budgeting, alternatives to traditional tourism, owning your journey, essential to-do list items for the road, home, & career, and preparing for re-entry.
  • Wisdom & guidance from career break veterans – a hand-picked community of road-savvy travelers.
  • Inspiring video and audio files prepared exclusively for MPG CBBC.
  • Access to a wealth of recommended reading and resources for aspiring world travelers.
  • Valuable tips & resources from experts in the fields of: Financial Planning | International Volunteering | Teaching ESL | Journaling | Blogging | Insurance | Downsizing | among others
  • Opportunities to interact through discussion groups and forums.
  • The full course delivered in a PDF format at the end of the session.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this course, however, is that during your time with MPG CBBC, you’ll become part of a vibrant, collaborative and supportive community.

Many times people who are preparing for a career break or long-term travel experience can feel very isolated, given that a life sabbatical tends to be a fairly unique endeavor in American culture.  Perhaps you’ve already experienced this “lone wolf” sensation during your hours of wistful travel dreaming…hiding away with stacks of Lonely Planet guides and spending hours scouring the internet gazing longingly at images of your dream destinations.

Well guess what?  You don’t have to do this alone.

Your MPG CBBC classmates will be with you every step of the way; sharing the journey with you as well as resources, contacts and inspiration of their own!  You will be part of a community comprised of people preparing for life on the road as well as a large number of travel-savvy been-there-done-that experts to encourage you and keep you motivated.

Our intention for this course is that it be value-packed with inspiration, structured journaling, coaching inquiries, information, resources and contacts.  By conducting a Beta with a small group of want-to-be career breakers, you will get all of the benefits of the course material and help us shape the course for the future.

We are only taking a limited number of committed people in our Beta group.  It will be on a first come, first serve basis and once we reach our limit it will be closed.

What YOU have to do in the Boot Camp Beta:

  • You must be available to participate in the Beta from October 17th 2010, through December 11, 2010.  We expect it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a week of your time to complete the weekly lessons and assignments depending on how much time you choose to dedicate to assignments and participation in the online discussion groups and forums.  MPG CBBC is an online course – so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime and the weekly work can be completed at your own pace and within your own schedule.
  • Set up a profile in the system
  • Stay up to date with the course content from October 17th to December 11th
  • Participate actively in discussions (watercooler chats)
  • Attend the conference calls (three total) or listen to the recorded calls if you cannot make the conference call.
  • Do the homework requested of you (There will be certain required homework that is designed so that you get the most of the course. There will also be recommended and supplemental homework designed to enhance your learning experience).
  • Take a quick survey  every two weeks based on the content and organization of the weekly lessons
  • Take an end of course survey to provide overall feedback about content, structure, and effectiveness.
  • Provide us with a testimonial about your experience with the class which will help us further develop the program and which may also be used in MPG CBBC sales materials.
  • Potentially be available for more of a one on one discussion/feedback session about the course after it’s completion.

Cost:  $500 $100

Why is the Beta discounted?
We are thrilled to open up the MPG CBBC to a select community of Beta testers at a deeply reduced rate! Rest assured that you will be getting the complete course – not a reduced version of the course. The beta cost is approximately 80% less than the regular course cost and we are extending this considerable, never-to-be-repeated discount to our beta community as a show of gratitude for your participation and the valuable feedback you will be providing us about your experience with the program.

As another bonus, the course as it will be launched in January of 2011 is designed to be almost wholly self-directed, however in this initial Beta you will have more access to Tara, Sherry, and Michaela and their expertise as their involvement in the Beta program will be greater.

Are there other costs to the Beta besides the initial $100?
There are no other required costs you have to take the course.  We do recommend some books for reading throughout the course, however it is not mandatory to buy them.

So come join us and start making your career break travel dreams come true!

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