Preparing for a career break is different for everyone but safeguarding your journey with travel insurance is a definite ‘list topper’ for anyone taking extended travels. Why? Because travel insurance is a safety net that catches you if and when things go wrong and statistically speaking, the longer one travels the greater the chance you’ll need that peace of mind protection.

Offering all kinds of coverage from cancellation, to evacuation to major medical, travel insurance is a powerful tool to have and this travel insurance overview will start you on your way to becoming an educated consumer, choosing the right coverage for your special career break needs.


Whether assisted by’s Customer Care team of licensed insurance experts or embarking on a do-it-yourself quest for information, answering a few simple questions first can put you well on your way to determining the type of travel insurance you need.

  • ? Are you a U.S. resident and citizen?

  • ? Where are you going?

  • ? How long do you anticipate being gone?

  • ? Do you plan to re-enter the U.S. during your travels?

  • ? When you return, do you anticipate seeking employment right away or after some period of time?

  • ? Do you currently have health insurance?

  • ? Will you be keeping your health insurance from your current/former provider?

  • ? Will you anticipate needing prescriptions refilled or wellness visits?

  • ? How old are you?


Career breakers benefit most from a few basic types of travel insurance coverage:

Package Plans

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Comprehensive Package Plans provide coverage for a wide-range of travel risks including trip cancellation (if you have to cancel), trip interruption (your travels are brought to an unexpected and premature end), medical coverage (you need international coverage or to augment your current health benefits), and medical evacuation protection (air ambulance service). These plans provide the best protection for the investment you have made in your trip.

Travel Medical

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Most regular health insurance plans provide only partial or no coverage at all while you are traveling in another country. Medical travel insurance plans provide coverage above and beyond your regular health provider.

Providing emergency medical coverage in the event of an injury (broken bones) or illness (flu, sinus infection), travel medical insurance policies are a ‘must-have’ for people going abroad. These plans also provide emergency medical evacuation coverage for air ambulance transport to a proper care facility and can be purchased for travel up to a year in length.

Major Medical

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These plans are designed for travelers who will be abroad for at least 6 months and provide comprehensive medical protection including emergency medical treatment, wellness care, and optional prescription drug coverage. Like most health insurance plans, these plans contain both in- and out-of-network coverage, deductibles, and co-payments. They offer added travel benefits such as accidental death and emergency medical evacuation protection. Major Medical plans provide regular, long-term health coverage and require an application process. You cannot buy Major Medical plans online.

Medical Evacuation

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Medical Evacuation plans provide assistance in the event that you become seriously ill or injured while traveling. These plans provide emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or, with some plans, to your hospital of choice. Most plans include coverage for repatriation of mortal remains.

This coverage can be purchased as a stand alone policy or it may be included in comprehensive travel policies like trip cancellation or travel medical policies. It provides evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or, in some cases, to your hospital of choice depending on the company and plan. So if you are injured or ill in a remote area of the world where expert medical services are minimal, a medical evacuation plan will get you where you need to go for quality care and attention.


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Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) plans pay benefits if you should have a serious injury that results in dismemberment or loss of life. Loss-of-life benefits paid by these plans are in addition to any benefits paid by life insurance plans.

AD&D plans provide continuous 24/7 coverage or coverage specifically for flights. Review your Certificate of Insurance carefully before you purchase to make sure the coverage is enough for what you might need.


  • ? Compare, Compare, Compare: Shop around to get the best plan for your needs at the right price. offers side-by-side comparisons of policies and prices to help you make smart purchasing decisions quickly and easily.

  • ? Buy From a Third Party: Typically, if you purchase travel insurance directly through a travel supplier such as an airline, cruise line, or tour operator, you can’t protect yourself if that travel supplier goes bankrupt or becomes financially insolvent, so it is always best to purchase your travel insurance protection from a third-party source.

  • ? Understand the Details: Travel insurance coverage and premiums vary from policy to policy and even state to state so it’s important to know exactly how your plan works and the protection it provides. Work with one of our unbiased insurance specialists to help select the right policy for you and review the coverage details together.

  • ? Keep Your Receipts: In the event you ever have to file a claim, keep your receipts for everything from pre-paid non-refundable trip costs insured under your policy to doctor’s notes, as well as any receipts incurred from a travel delay such as meals, hotel accommodations, and transportation to/from the airport.

  • ? Call For expert personal assistance choosing the right travel insurance for your needs, call’s career break insurance line for Meet, Plan, Go! members only at 855-773-9375.

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