I Attended Meet, Plan, Go!

Did you attend a Meet, Plan, Go! event? Did it help inspire you to fulfill your career break dreams? Want to inspire others in the same way?

Share with us where you are now!

We are putting together a video to inspire others to attend Meet, Plan, Go! events and we want you to be a part of it. Tell us how you are now fulfilling your dreams, whether you are on the road or preparing.

Here’s How:

Find a cool backdrop to stand in front of  – this could be a famous landmark, locals, in a market, in a rickshaw, in front of a UNESCO world heritage site, or even in the plane heading somewhere great!  Find someone to help you take the short little video.  Make sure the sun is not at your back.

Film a 15-30 second clip of yourself with the introduction of “I attended Meet, Plan, Go! and now I’m… [fill in the blank]”.  or  “Hi, this is NAME, and I attended Meet, Plan, Go! last year and now I’m in …[fill in the blank]”.

Suggestions for that [blank]:

? “in India riding in rickshaws!”

? “I’m in Ghana doing volunteering work!”

? “I’m living my dream of visiting…”

? “I’ve fulfilled my goals of…”

? “I’ve check off [insert] on my bucket list.”

? “I’ve realized I now want to…”

? “I know that anything I’ve only dreamt about can be a reality.”

This doesn’t have to be a ‘professional’ video – in fact the more ‘real’ – the better!

Email video to sherryott@meetplango.com (25mb maximum)

In a separate email, send your website/twitterhandle (if you have one).  Also send up to 5 photos of you supporting your message (optional).

If your file is bigger than 25mb, please contact Sherry to coordinate.

Thank you for helping us to build the Meet, Plan, Go! community and happy travels!

Note:  The video may be used in a promotional campaign as we announce the ticket sales for Meet Plan Go 2012.  It will also be shared on social media.

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