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MPG 2011 Early Bird Tickets
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Normally the Early Bird gets the worm, but this time it gets a ticket enabling it to follow its dream! Last year we sold out in many locations and had waiting lists, so this year we are giving you the chance to sign up early and guarantee your spot for a night of career break travel advice, networking, and inspiration.

Meet, Plan Go! Early Bird Tickets

All of our hosts are busy bringing together a great panel of career break experts, travel authorities, and real people who have achieved their career break goals for the October 18th event; so why not reserve your space now? We’ll be sharing more information on the panel and location over the next few months and we’ll be holding free meetups so that you can begin the in person travel networking in your community right away.

We have released 20 tickets for all locations until June 8 – and several are close to selling out already! Ensure your space and start making your travel dream a reality now; we’ll keep your seat warm!


We are excited to have 17 cities join us for Meet, Plan, Go! 2011.

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Denver | Honolulu | Las Vegas | Los Angeles
Minneapolis | New Orleans | New York City | Orlando | Portland
San Francisco | Seattle | St. Louis | Toronto | Washington DC

Meet, Plan, Go! 2010

This was a fantastic event! It made me realize that long-term travel is a completely realistic goal and that I have amazing company also doing the same. – Seattle Attendee

Your event convinced me that my pipe dream of traveling was actually possible… and then gave me tips and tricks on how to accomplish it.
NYC Attendee

After this event the excitement for traveling was high for everyone. The panelists were helpful, gave excellent examples of things to do and not do, plus lots of encouragement. Everyone with this dream should go to see how it is possible. – Chicago Attendee

Life-inspiring event – covering an amazing amount of relevant material. I would definitely attend another and another until I “go!”
San Francisco Attendee

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