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Sorting Through Travel Information Overload
Monday, February 7th, 2011

Jannell HowellIn January of 2012, Jannell Howell will set off on a year-long journey around the world. Her plans will take her West from San Francisco where she’ll travel through Southeast Asia, meander through India and the Middle East, explore Europe and the U.K., check out Morocco, then fly to the East Coast of the U.S. where she’s looking to relocate. Aside from some basic sightseeing and unique activities (e.g. ride an elephant, learn a language, etc), she would like to try working and volunteering overseas, as well as getting to know some locals and a different way of life.

Jannell has joined Career Break Basic Training to help with her planning and blogs about this preparation stage on her site Traveljunkies World Tour. Here she shares how her plans are coming along.

What inspired you to plan a career break?
I knew from an early age that I loved to travel and have gone on some wonderful vacations that allowed me to unplug from reality, but I always longed for more. Wanting to travel around the world has been a dream of mine for a long time, but I never thought I’d get to a point when I had the money or the time to go. Last year, the dream resurfaced as a way to celebrate my 40th birthday in 2012. Then, two weeks later, I attended a Meet, Plan, Go! event that gave me the courage to go for it!

What inspired you to join Basic Training?
I felt alone in my career break pursuit because I didn’t have any friends with the same vision of long-term, around the world travel. I REALLY wanted to meet other aspiring or veteran travelers and Basic Training provided a platform for that. Also, I seriously needed help with my travel ‘information overload’ problem and this program practically spoon-feeds the details. I found out about Basic Training from attending Meet, Plan, Go!. I was impressed with how the event was organized and the number of vendors and travel veterans that attended, so I knew that Basic Training would also be a quality program (I wasn’t wrong).

Before I found Basic Training, I was stuck in a sea of information with no easy way to sort through it all.

How were your plans coming along before you joined Basic Training?
Before I found Basic Training, I was stuck in a sea of information with no easy way to sort through it all. I had come up with a general itinerary, but I wasn’t really sure what to research next. Ten years ago I worked as a travel agent and I was trying to dust off those skills, but coordinating packaged vacations is very different than putting together long-term independent travel. Even though the desire to go on the trip was there, I had a lot of doubt that I could make it happen.

Jannell in Tahiti

What has been the most valuable aspect of Basic Training in your career break planning?
The step-by-step program is awesome. Not only did it give me the basic information I needed in an organized manner, but ideas to make my trip even better! Being able to communicate with others that feel the same way about travel and have the same goals as me was a turning point. Also, I have become more confident with my decision to take a career break by having Basic Training’s resources and support at my fingertips.

What concrete plans have you made since joining Basic Training?
I now have a better plan for saving money, a budget for the trip AND a plan for handling money while on the road. It’s now easier to think outside the packaged tour box and I’m getting comfortable with the tourist to traveler transition. Additionally, the tools in Basic Training helped me set up a schedule for the coming year so I know when to get visas, vaccinations, insurance, etc.

Did you attend a Meet, Plan, Go! event and are now planning your career break? Let us know and register your career break with us!

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