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We Met…Now What?
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

If you attended one of our nationwide events, chances are you heard some inspiring stories from veteran career breakers. You may have even met some like-minded individuals who have similar dreams as you. That powerful combination may have helped to motivate you to realize you can make a career break happen for yourself. But…now what?


You may be asking yourself – okay, I have all this energy to get going, but how do I actually make it happen? You have the motivation, but now you want to start planning. And we have the tools to help!

The “Plan” section of Meet, Plan, Go! features resources to help book RTW flights, secure travel insurance, book hostels through GoMio, get destination inspiration, and read reviews on other helpful resources and books. All of the trip planning tools you need at your finger tips.

Career Break Basic Training
Booking flights and deciding where to go is one aspect of trip planning. But what about the life planning? Do you quit your job or negotiate a sabbatical? Rent/sublet your home or sell it? How do you save for your career break and set a budget that won’t drain your savings? And of course – how do you prepare for your return before you even leave?

Our Career Break Basic Training course & community is here to help guide you through this complex, and sometimes, stressful process. From contemplation and preparation to life on the road and re-entry, this private network offers a supportive peer community and access to career break travel experts to guide you throughout.

Each section includes video interviews, valuable travel tips, resources, discussion groups, and concrete steps to follow towards your escape. In addition, all members receive a $75 AirTreks flight coupon and we are talking about a great value to the $149 membership fee.

Get your plans rolling and sign-up today!


We won’t keep you waiting until next year to meet again. Stay tuned for news on regular local meetups. The best way to find out? Our Newsletter and Facebook pages!


While you are planning, and even when you “Go!”, we want to stay connected with you and you with your career break community. Here’s how:

Facebook Pages
Get the latest news and join the conversations on our Facebook page.

Tripping is a global community of travelers. When you’re traveling, Tripping enables you to connect safely with locals who will introduce you to their towns, their cultures, their lives and their friends. And you can now connect with fellow Meet, Plan, Go! members!

Check out our main Tripping page and then join the sub-networks for each city.

Register Your Break
Are you now planning your break – or even better – experiencing it? Then please register with us! We’d love to hear where you’re going and what you plan to do. We also love to highlight event attendees who were brave enough to follow their dreams. And who knows – maybe you will return to inspire others by joining an event panel or even hosting! Register Now!

Share Your Story
Over on the Go! section of our site [aka Briefcase to Backpack] we share stories from career breakers through every stage of their break: from Contemplation and Preparation to On-the-Road and Re-Entry. You may have already been inspired by some of their voices. Well why not share your own? View our editorial guidelines.

Newsletter subscribers get an added dose of inspiration every two weeks. Plus, if you can’t stay up to date on our content, we give you a recap of what you may have missed. And as an added bonus, subscribers are the first to know about special news, exclusive deals, and announcements about upcoming webinars. Sign-up Now!


Your career break may be a year or two in the future, but that doesn’t mean your travel plans should remain on hold – start exploring the world in small stages!

Intrepid Travel’s small group tours are great for breaking up extended travel, but they are also a valuable way to explore parts of the world when you have limited time.

Imagine you are sipping wine on a vineyard tour near Mendoza, admiring the dramatic scenery of Chile’s Lakes District and then sampling tasty local delicacies in Bariloche on Intrepid’s “Best of Chile & Argentina” tour. Or walk the famed city walls of Dubrovnik, dine on traditional treats in Korcula, and sip a cocktail at a waterside bar in Hvar on “Explore Croatia”.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for extended travel, we don’t know what will. Take advantage of the three-tiered discounts from Intrepid – get the best discount by booking by mid-November, but discounts also continue through next year!

Make the most of your e-Goody bag discounts with Intrepid now!

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