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Career Break Basic Training is no longer offered.

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Whether you are looking to change careers, need a rejuvenating break from your current job or want to reexamine your life goals, a cultural career break can help you find the answers you are looking for. Planning such a break can be quite overwhelming to someone not used to the concept.

From contemplation and preparation to life on the road and returning, Career Break Basic Training is here to inspire and guide you through the process.


Why Join?

SUPPORTIVE PEER COMMUNITYWhether it’s a career break, running a marathon, or earning an advanced degree, we all need people to keep us accountable, energized, and focused on our goals. In Career Break Basic Training you will find just that – from our veterans who have “been there, done that” to those currently in the planning stages. Whether they’ve taken their career break years ago or are planning months & years in the future, they understand the ups & downs that one goes through when planning such a life changing adventure.

PRIVATE NETWORKMost people contemplating a career break or sabbatical spend some time in the “career break closet”. You’re not ready to tell family, friends – and especially your job – about your plans. There are a lot of great online resources, but forums, discussion boards and blog comments can easily be found. Here your secret is safe with us until you are prepared to announce your news to the world.

EXPERT ADVICEWe cover a wide variety of topics that are important to any career breaker, including resources and tips for your home, career, and the trip itself. We’ve tapped into some of the best experts in their fields to help you as well.

Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity offers advice on frequent flyer miles
Barbara Pagano of yourSABBATICAL gives great tips on negotiating a sabbatical
Francine Jay, aka Miss Minimalist, tells you how to downsize
Erin Fish of EMF Insurance covers one of the most important, and confusing topics – global health and travel insurance
Randy LeGrant of GeoVisions highlights the benefits of International Volunteering
and many more

What Do You Get?

The course and community is made up of four comprehensive sections that cover every aspect that a career breaker faces. Each section and their lessons include video interviews, valuable tips & resources, and the ability to interact through discussion groups.

Contemplating a career break is scary. This section will allow you to lay a strong foundation to move from simply contemplating to preparing. It will help you understand your core intentions and passions, and to reaffirm you are not alone.

In this section we cover:
Addressing Mental Hurdles: Show you how to address your own hurdles and fears. We’ll break down some of the myths and look at them in a new way.
What’s Your Motivation: Examine what brought you here to this point and understand your own personal motivation.
How To Stay Motivated: Provide you with tips on how to stay motivated.

If you are a planner and task-oriented person, then you may very well love all of this preparation and planning. If not, you may struggle. But don’t worry – we have it all laid out for you in easy to follow steps to get you on that plane and On The Road!

In this section we cover:
Financial Overview: Tips on how to track, save and set a budget
Preparing Mentally: Training for extended travel
Global Health & Travel Insurance: Understanding your insurance options specifically for career breakers
RTW Tickets: Researching and buying airline tickets
Packing Tips: Recommended gear to take with you and packing tips
Downsizing: How to get rid of things before you leave
Leaving Your Job: Sabbatical vs. Quitting

There are lots of decisions to make in this stage of your career break, but the good news is that they are all good decisions – after all, you are traveling and seeing the world and there is no one ‘right’ way to do it.

In this section we cover:
The Best-Laid Plans: How much should you plan in advance
What to Do: Maximizing the most of your time
Communication Plan: How to stay in touch while on the road
Accommodation Options: How to choose the ones right for you
Recording the Experience: How to best capture your travel experiences
Culture Shock: How to deal with experiencing culture shock while traveling

This is the part that no one wants to talk about…coming to the end of your career break or sabbatical. Granted, we know you have joined the course and most likely haven’t even left yet, so why are we talking about coming back already? Because before you leave, there are some things you’ll want to be aware of about returning.

In this section we cover:
What to Expect When You Return
Marketing Your Career Break: How to market your career break, prepare your resume and incorporate your career break into interviews
Finding A Job When You Return


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