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Are you interested in having and hosting a Meet, Plan, Go! event in your city?

– Are you a Kick Ass traveler? A past career breaker, backpacker, flashpacker, or nomadic wanderer?Have you done extended travel or completed an around the world trip?

– Do you feel you can serve as a ‘travel expert’ to others and be a Kick Ass example?

Are you passionate about extended travel and bringing the concept to more North Americans?

– Are you comfortable leading discussions in front of strangers?

If so, then read on because you are probably pretty Kick Ass…

Think back to the first time the dream of extended travel entered your head. You probably still get butterflies remembering the anticipation and excitement of leaving life as you knew it behind to explore far-flung parts of the world.

But preparing for a career break or extended travel adventure has its own unique obstacles. Did your friends, family and colleagues share your excitement? Did you have doubts of your own? Of course you did…but you are someone who tackled those obstacles and doubts; forging ahead to make your travels a reality.

Now we want YOU to join us in a movement to inspire other would-be wanderers to fulfill their long-term travel dreams!

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, Meet, Plan, Go! will hold its third nationwide conversation about career breaks and extended travel. These events will be held around the country and offer inspiration and resources to people looking to craft their own life-changing getaway. We are now looking for experienced travelers to host the October event in cities across North America for the Meet, Plan, Go! brand.


Over the past two years these events have opened up a wider conversation about long-term travel experiences for audiences all over the country. And thousands of people said they wanted to learn more about contemplating and how to plan for extended travel.

In a time when the majority of our conversations are becoming digital, and there is an overload of information to sort through online; Meet, Plan, Go! takes a step back in time and brings back the idea of face to face interactions.

In 2012 we will continue to spread the word about career breaks and long-term travel through an event designed to help people get inspired to take action on their dreams and to connect with useful resources and contacts.

Attendees of the events will get to:

MEET inspirational speakers and like-minded travelers.
– Get motivation, contacts and resources necessary to PLAN the trip of a lifetime.
– Start taking concrete steps forward and get ready to GO!


You become a part of the Meet, Plan, Go! brand. Including exposure on the Meet, Plan, Go! site, social networks, newsletters, and marketing materials.

An opportunity to earn revenue through event ticket and local sponsorship sales.

Exposure for your blog, product, or service.

Potential press opportunities on a local and nationwide level through our PR efforts.

Build strong working relationships with other hosts leading to cross promotion and learning opportunities.

Seen as experts in the growing career break and extended travel industry in the US.

Enhances your skill sets in the areas of public speaking, event planning, and media relations among others.

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