– A passion for career breaks & extended travel [if you are currently in the planning stages, you can still host the meetups]
– Note: Hosting the local meetups is separate from hosting our Anchor event in October. There will be a separate application process if you wish to host that.
Read the rules – Know your responsibilities – Understand what you are committing to


– Local meetup must be branded Meet, Plan, Go! If you wish to co-brand with another organization or company you must get our permission first.
– You can not charge for the event nor you will be reimbursed for any expenses you incur.
– You are not allowed to secure sponsors or giveaways without our permission.


– Committed to hosting 4-6 meetups a year (An event can consist of anywhere from 2 to 50 people, it can be casual, it can be more formal – whatever you’d like)
– Select meetup venue (many meetups occur in private areas of bars)
– Meetups can be casual or topic focused.  If topic focused, you will need approval from Meet, Plan, Go and you may need to secure your own speakers.  We may also occasionally provide you with topics and speakers.
– Facilitate discussions based on  topic
– Register meetup details with us within 15 days of event
– On occasion we may have sponsors related to the topic that we will ask you to promote
– Respond to questions about your meetup
– Help promote it in your community and through social media and other calendars
– Provide us with feedback/photos

Our Responsibilities

– We will occasionally provide you monthly discussion topics and resource lists for each topic for you to utilize at the meetup
– Post meetup on our Eventbrite page, in our newsletter, on Facebook and our local meetup page.
– Promote on Twitter
– We will provide you with logos and images to help brand the event


By applying to be a local host, you are agreeing to the aforementioned rules & responsibilities.

Please email a headshot to

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