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Looking for inspiration and ‘how-to’ advice regarding career break planning and travel? We’ve got it for you online and in person!

At Meet, Plan, Go! we are leading the career break movement in North America; encouraging and teaching others how to travel the world and have it be beneficial to your career. We envision a world where the term ‘career break’ is a part of your overall career strategy.

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• You’ll MEET like-minded, supportive people in person and online.
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We have a dream to get more and more people talking about AND taking traveling career breaks. We aren’t picky – we don’t care how long they are, or where you go. But go you must. Go out and see the world, open up your mind, shake up your perceptions, and get the best education out there…the world’s cultures.

Our own culture dictates we ‘work our ass off until retirement – then have fun’ – but is that how is has to be? Meet, Plan, Go! wants to challenge the ‘way we’ve always done it’ and consider the benefits of taking time off now instead of delaying gratification until we may be too old to enjoy it. By taking a break, or multiple breaks, before retirement it can actually propel the direction of your career. No longer do we need to look at a gap on a resume as life defeating, but instead look at it as life defining.

If you’ve made it through the contemplating stage and believe a career break is for you, then the next hurdle is planning. We know how isolated planning a career break trip can be when you can’t tell your friends, family, or employer about your plans. Having a support structure is key to making your dream a reality. Meet, Plan, Go! is your supportive community to keep you motivated and help you through the bumps in preparation.

Wondering why we’re so passionate about empowering you to realize your career break and extended travel dreams? Because we’re traveling career breakers too, and know first-hand what a profound impact a career break or long-term travel experience can have on your life and career.

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