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Renew Your Career Break Dreams
Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Renew Your Career Break

Spring has finally arrived and with the fresh rains, the cold gray days of winter and the regrets of failed resolutions have been washed away. In their place are beautiful trees in bloom, colorful sprouting flowers, and the opportunity to renew your career break dreams.

For many, this is also the time when they start planning summer vacations and weekends away. But if you are reading this, most likely you have bigger travel dreams in mind. Ones that may take you to the savannas of Africa, the spice markets of the Middle East, the jungle-covered ruins of SE Asia or the pounding surfs of Australia.

But what also makes your travel plans different is that you are more than just taking time off – you are taking the time to also renew and regrow your spirit, your career, and your life path. That may seem like a heady goal to take on yourself but remember – you don’t have to do it alone. We continue to grow our tools, resources and inspiration to help you get started, and in some cases, back on the path to realizing your career break dreams.

Basic Training – Your Online Support System

In December of 2010 we launched Career Break Basic Training – an online course and community which connects you with reliable resources, expert voices, and like-minded peers – all of which will lead you to getting on a plane and taking a career break. And we are thrilled that several members have set their departure dates, some are about to depart, and others are already on the road!

In addition to helping you tackle the crucial to-do lists, Basic Training also offers a support system, which is something that has helped Lauren: “It is nice to have this community to share our hopes, plans, and fears with (as they relate to travel). I have been very careful as to who I share my future travel plans with, and this community makes me feel a lot less isolated. Everyone here ‘gets it’, and it also takes my plans to travel seriously, which is something I fear those close to me will not do.”

Learn more about what Basic Training can offer you.

Local Events – In Person Connection

“Building a support system is crucial. With less than four months to go until my departure, I am feeling stressed, panicked, emotionally drained and overwhelmed. I definitely recommend getting involved with Meet, Plan, Go! events – it can be a great way to meet others in your city who have already taken career breaks or are in the process of planning one.” – Katie

We are excited to have 17 great locations and hosts on board for our National Meet, Plan, Go! Event on October 18th, and they are busy bringing together inspiring panels of career break experts, travel authorities, and real people who have achieved their career break goals. And in the months leading up to October, they will also be hosting local meetups, so you can begin in person networking with your career break community.

Check out upcoming events in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Portland, and Seattle. And look for the release of early bird tickets for October in the coming days!

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