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Survey Says: Addressing Your Concerns
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

We have learned a lot about our event attendees in the weeks since thanks to our post-event survey. And all of this great information will only help us to better serve you and your needs in the coming months and year.

So who are you and what are your career break concerns?

Ready to Hit the Road

A significant number of you were already planning your break before the event (33%) and that number jumped to 45% afterwards! Looks like you found the inspiration – now you want more tips and resources when it comes to planning for your career break.

Basic Training: Our Basic Training Course & Community addresses many of the how-to’s that career breakers face during the planning stage (and even during the on-the-road & re-entry stages too). These include many of the areas in which you voiced concern, including financial and career-related issues.

Webinars: Understanding that there are a variety of topics that people can relate too, it’s hard to cover them all in one event. So we are in the process of planning future webinars to help address these topics. Want to hear about something in particular? Let us know!

Go! Inspiration: If you still need the inspiration to keep you motivated, be sure to check out the inspiring stories of other career breakers in our “Go!” section.

Take This Job & Shove It?

You’re ready to pack your bags, but a large number of you are scared most of quitting your job. You’re not alone. Here are some that also faced that fear and live to tell the tale.

  • – For 20 years, Warren Talbot identified himself by his career and the idea of leaving terrified him. He struggled with how to leave his job gracefully and now he shares what he learned with you.
  • – Before leaving on her year-long career break with her husband, Alonna Scott was able to negotiate a leave of absence with her company, which did not have a sabbatical program. See how she was successful
  • – Even the best-laid plans of giving notice don’t always go as anticipated and you may have to adapt your plan quickly. Watch what happened to Basic Training member Val Bromann.

You Can Come Home Again

Many of you feel that once you hit the road, you won’t want to come back. But if you do, you’re afraid you won’t find a job. Don’t let that fear make you slam on the breaks.

We will address more of your concerns and interests in the coming weeks, and if there is a specific topic you would like more information on, please let us know!

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