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Discussion Themes

We encourage you to use the following discussion themes and resources during your meetups. Be sure to print off the PDF and have copies on hand:

February/March: Volunteering
April/May: Budgeting/Finances
June/July: Packing Tips
August/September: TBD
November/December: TBD

Tips on How To Host a Good Meetup

– Provide us with your event details with plenty of notice so we can help promote it
– We encourage you to host the event on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. By holding the events on the same night helps build excitement and publicity. If it falls on a holiday (like Valentine’s day) it is okay to do it on another Tuesday.
– Encourage discussion around monthly theme
– Invite people from your community that may have expertise in the theme
– Print off reference materials
Send email reminders through Eventbrite
– Have name tags and an ice breaker question
– Try to have a quiet or secluded area at your venue
– Bring business cards
– Let people know when the next one is

Notes & Reminders

– Local meetup must be branded Meet, Plan, Go! If you wish to co-brand with another organization or company you must get our permission first.
– We will create the Eventbrite invite but you will have access to it if you wish to send reminders or notes to attendees.
– You must register your meetup details with us and promote registration through the Eventbrite page.
– If you plan to promote the event through other avenues (ie, Facebook, you need to encourage registration through the Eventbrite link (this is to ensure an accurate attendee count).
Reminder of other responsibilities

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