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Sonia ZamborskySonia is happiest with…

  • Dirt under her fingernails
  • Wine in her glass
  • Friends in her kitchen
  • Nitrox in her tank
    and, of course,
  • Stamps in her passport!

An IT project manager by day, with the soul of a gypsy, Sonia didn’t realize she was taking a “career break” in 2007 when she quit her job to travel solo through Central America for 10 weeks. Upon her return, the burst housing bubble put the kibosh on her original plan to sell the house and do some extended travel, so she went back to working for The Man. Sonia sates her travel jones by jetting off the grid as often as she can and encouraging others to do the same.

She fills her time at home with foodie & wino pursuits and fresh veggies from her garden, and blogs about her adventures at Pulpology: Mark & Sonia’s intercontinental absurdities.

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