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Warren & Betsy TalbotLike most people – Betsy & Warren Talbot worked too many hours and thought that when they both retired (in 19 years) they’d slow down and enjoy life a little more. Then Betsy’s brother had a heart attack in his 30s and a good friend – also in her 30s – had a brain hemorrhage all within 4 months.

During dinner with friends, the topic of ‘how life is too short’ came up, as did their life dream – traveling around the world as a lifestyle. The more they talked the more they wondered what was really standing in the way of all that. (Thankfully both her brother and friend have recovered.) By the next morning their goal was set, all that was left was the planning.

They have chronicled all the steps in their planning stages – including how they have saved and the sacrifices they have made – on their website Married with Luggage. They even shared some tips on how others can save on Briefcase to Backpack.

Nearly two years after that dinner conversation, they will begin their extended travel at the end of September 2010 – but first they will be heading up our Meet, Plan, Go! in Seattle!

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