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Kirk HorstedOver the past 20 years, Kirk Horsted has taken 4 full-fledged sabbaticals spanning from 69 to 355 days, in locations ranging from Waiheke, New Zealand to Kirkenes, Norway.

When he’s not out rambling and roaming, he wears these 5.5 hats…

1. Marketing Man: Kirk is ½ of 2 Heads, a Minneapolis-based copywriting & creative consultancy.

2. Sabbatical Advocate: Kirk preaches the gospel of sabbaticals, work/life balance, unplugging & more at his BreakAway blog and events like UnSummit.

3. Avid Dad: Kirk takes (and follows) his two perfect children most anywhere.

4. Humble Volunteer: Kirk consistently shows up for field trips, class parties & association meetings—and coaches (one of) the best dang traveling baseball teams around.

5. Present-Minded Professor: Kirk teaches Advertising at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul.

5.5 Half-time Hedonist: Kirk “breaks” for wining, dining, traveling, music-making, kayaking, cooking, gardening, chilling, & screen-free socializing.

His past sabbaticals include:

The Great Escape: 69 days in the West Indies & Caribbean in 2009
: to show his children another way of learning and being, escape winter and launch his website.

The RTW Tour: 18 weeks in Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand & more in 2000/01
: to explore unseen corners of the planet (with his wife & young son), chronicle it online and write a book.

The Fantasy Trip: 1 year in the Virgin Islands & Europe in 1994
: to take a year off to find roots and bliss, and to test the portability of his business.

The Sanity Break: 7 months at Midwestern Lakes & Europe in 1990
Mission: to commemorate a convergence of endings and beginnings (jobs, houses, relationships, all the big stuff)

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