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Marc & Danielle HoffmeisterHaving grown tired of spending all their time and energy on things that didn?t really make them happy, Marc & Danielle decided to take a break from their typical suburban life. In 2008 they sold their house, cars, and most of their “stuff”, pulled their 2 daughters out of school, said goodbye to work and took off with 4 suitcases on a 10-month adventure through the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia!

Back in Dallas (for now), they?re working to build a lifestyle around the things that bring them joy – like helping and encouraging other families who want to escape the rat race, or at least take a break while still young enough to enjoy it!

They share ideas, inspiration, and lessons learned along the way at their site: 4 Suitcases.

You can also read about their experiences on Briefcase to Backpack:
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Alisha RobertsonAlisha’s passion for travel began on her first trip to Costa Rica and was solidified after spending a summer in Thailand post college. She spent the next four years in corporate America before leaving to teach Business ESL in northern Chile. She also spent time traveling through South America and worked with students and co-workers from England, India, China, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, France, Peru, Bolivia, and Portugal.

Alisha is passionate about education involving social entrepreneurship, long term travel, volunteerism, and helping others learn about other cultures. Long term travel while working with communities is a great way to sustain a living and connect with the locals on the road. At the end of 2010 she will be moving once again to a new location to live with a new community and a new culture.

She is in the process of launching Small World Pursuits – an educational blog about broadening horizons, traveling and working abroad, volunteering, and connecting with cultures from around the world. To keep up with her ventures and planning, you can also follow her on twitter @alishaamr.

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