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Lillie MarshallLillie began solo traveling during her college summers by harnessing the internet to track down inexpensive, fulfilling, and fun programs abroad. First, she volunteered for five weeks at a preschool in London (blessed with peculiarly fat babies), and the following year spent three months in Mexico learning Spanish and volunteering in a rural village. These summers were eye-opening and awesome, and Lillie vowed to keep the voyages coming.

Directly after college, Lillie entered the Boston Public Schools as a high school English teacher and proceeded to teach for six fascinating and mega-intense years. Meanwhile, for two months every summer (ah, the schedule of a teacher!), she would bop down to a different country in Latin America to volunteer teach or take Spanish classes.

Then in the summer of 2009, after much scheming and saving, Lillie took a Leave of Absence from teaching to circumnavigate the globe. For the next nine months, she had a truly wonderful time sightseeing in Japan and Southeast Asia, volunteer teaching in Ghana, and writing like crazy in Iberia. You can read about the whole adventure at AroundTheWorldL.

Lillie is currently back in her beloved hometown of Boston, crafting a career that combines teaching, writing, and travel… and helping guide great people like yourself to make their dreams a reality!

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