2010 Hosts

Meet our local event hosts for Meet, Plan, Go! 2010

Meet, Plan, Go Hosts

Just a few of our dynamic hosts and sponsors

ATLANTA – Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano of yourSABBATICAL

AUSTIN– Jeff Jung and Cheryl Habbe of Career Break Secrets

BOSTON– Lillie Marshall of Around the World L

CHICAGO – Lisa Lubin of LL World Tour

DALLAS – Marc & Danielle Hoffmeister of 4Suitcases and Alisha Robertson of Small World Pursuits

MINNEAPOLIS – Kirk Hosted of BreakAway

NEW YORK CITY – Sherry Ott of OttsWorld and Michaela Potter of Briefcase to Backpack

ORLANDO – Mike & Catrell Cooney of Cooney World Adventure

PHILADELPHIA – Mike Tieso & Teresa Gotay of Art of Backpacking and Keith & Amy Sutter of Green Around the Globe

SAN FRANCISCO – Tara Russsell of Three Month Visa Coaching & Consulting

SEATTLE – Warren & Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage

WASHINGTON DC – Sonia Zamborsky of Pulpology

TORONTO, CANADA – Janice Waugh of Solo Traveler

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